God has a plan for you, have you asked him what it is? What happens if we ignore his will for us? Whether your vocation is religious, single, married or Lay Ministry, there is a place for you! Watch here for more information on Vocation awareness at St. Francis and check out the Diocese vocation page at www.spvocation.org.


It should be noted that our parish is served by priests of the Institute of Charity (Rosminians), founded in N. Italy in 1828 by Blessed Antonio Rosmini. Its particular mission is to prayer and study, and to follow the call of the Church whenever asked. Presently it has parishes and schools in the US, GB, Ireland,Italy, India and Africa.


Prayer for Vocations

Gracious Father, You have called me in Life and gifted me in so many ways. Through baptism you have sent me to continue the mission of  Jesus by sharing my love with others. Strengthen me to respond to your call each day. Help me to become all you desire of me. Inspire me to make a difference in other’s lives. Lead me to choose the way of live you have planned for me. Open the hearts of all to listen to your call. Fill all with your Holy Spirit that we may have listening hearts and the courage to respond to you. Enkindle in my heart and the hearts of others the desire to make the world a better place by serving as sister, priest, lay minister, brother or deacon. Amen

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