Assist at Mass

Being involved in our Liturgy is vital for the health and wellness of our St. Francis community.

If you feel called to assist at Mass please let us know!

We would love to have you.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers serve the St. Francis community by assisting the priest during the celebration of Mass.

If you would like to become an altar server at St. Francis, please contact Judy Erlendsson.

Contact:  Judy Erlendsson, (813) 244-2853

Altar Server Prayer

Oh Jesus, my King and Lord,

by the grace of the heavenly Father and the power of the Holy Spirit,

guide me in all righteousness as I serve You today

at the Altar so I may be always worthy of Your presence.

If I happen to make an error, may it be a lesson

so my service will be perfect tomorrow.

Jesus, I love you with all my heart.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Contact: Pam Caskey,, (813) 651-1165


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
to the Home-bound

Contact: Janet Ganske,, (813) 943-9928


Dinner Ministry

Contact: Sharon Belinski,, (813) 951-0146

Feed the Needy Dinner: Wed. 4:30 – 5:30 PM


Helping Hands

Contact: Dottie Mabe,, (813) 681-2421



Contact: Robert Winiarski,, (813) 333-1976


Rosary Leaders

Contact: Deirdre Bristol,, (813) 689-3121



 Contact: Maria Ocampo,, (813) 653-3011


Tender Care

Contact: Parish Office,, (813) 681-9115

Food Pantry Hours: Mon. Wed. Fri.: 1 – 3 PM



 Contact: Ron Mullen,, (813) 661-5983


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FLU Precautions