Youth Group

All welcome 9th grade to young adult and adult volunteers!

St. Francis Youth Ministry is Peer ministry committed to letting young adults & Teens lead Teens to finding Christ through each other and our adults.

Meeting time is Friday evening from 7 PM to 9 PM in room 113 starting Friday June 7th.

A Vision of Youth Ministry

We are losing too many young people to this world. As the importance of clothes, appearance and music push aside family, friends, education and Church it is becoming harder and harder for young people to find a clean safe environment to hang out in.

Youth Ministry is about those who have been there giving back. We are not all called or capable to work in Youth Ministry. I have seen too many adults and even youth ministers/team members who have actually hurt the cause by trying to use inappropriate or outdated ideas and in some cases give completely inaccurate information which serves only to confuse and drive away  young people. Guilt and “because that’s the rules”, & demanding obedience without explanation, no longer has a place. We need compassion, understanding and the ability to listen. Teens don’t always want advise or to know the rules, chances are they already know, now they need a friend.

Teens today need people they can look up to and respect, hopefully their parents and priests, but beyond that there needs to be someone who ‘has been there and can relate’. Teens need a place where they can go, even once a week, and hear that it is OK to be a Christian, its OK  not to party and experiment with sex, its OK to love God and have a personal friendship with him.

A friendship not built on rules and guilt but one where they know peace and forgiveness and self worth. It is the task of the adults (ministry team) and young adults to guide them to this. Yes structure and rules have their place but if they actually push the teen away from the church then where will they hear the message? Where will they find Christ if not though us?

With the increasing loss of life of teenagers in our times we need more then ever to be there and try and understand what they are going though. Every encounter may be a last chance. I know I often want to forget some of my teen years, but in reality it was those experiences that taught me the most. Teens need to know that, they need to know that tough times will happen but they will not last and that they are not alone.

If we can’t let go of our past and learn to share it, then we can’t share a big part who we are – the events that got us here and shaped our being. God has a divine plan for each of as individuals and all the good and bad that we will experience is part of that plan. He did not promise a safe, happy journey, he promised to travel with us and then a safe, happy destination. “Cast your care upon the LORD, who will give you support. God will never allow the righteous to stumble”. Psalm 55:23

 My hope is to be a friend, a teacher and a guide. Part of the community that it now takes to raise a child and keep a teen alive long enough to become a young adult.

Our Father has given us all unique gifts and with that a unique purpose. We are obligated, not just called to share the gift of ministry if we have it and to share what ever gifts God has given us. Teens need to open up and find someone to trust, someone to help them, no man is an island and no man can survive alone in this world.

So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables.” Acts 6:2  

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